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The Devils from Copenhagen, Denmark is a reckless and dirty genre bastard that approaches blues rock in the exact same way as their Californian inspiration -The Red Devils- As a feeling that needs to get out. A desperation that is yearning to escape the body. A redemption and a catalyst for all the things that we suppress in our everyday life. Form is not the important factor here, as the experience is created by the intensity and the energy when the audience gets carried away by the music.


A lot of the band’s songs are built around trance-like repetitions and a worn and ragged sound – dirtied-up blues rock. It’s not meant to sound nice, as The Devils don’t play red love songs or sad blue melancholy. Instead, they play with a reckless ferocity and a more organic approach to their music, which is rooted in blues but with offshoots in lots of different directions.


The band’s lyrics are based on a fundamental element of regret and desperation. The feeling of really having fucked up and reached a dead end in your life. To be so far out that it’s too late to do anything about it. To have reached that point where you can’t go back and just stop caring and start screaming at the world in pure and utter helplessness. This is music that puts a finger directly into a sore nerve and pushes down hard – and sends the audience into pure ecstasy during the band’s infectious concerts.


Members of The Devils are: Vocalist Søren Bruun, who sings into a classic Green Bullet harmonica microphone giving his voice a crackling 50s-style lo-fi transistor sound, while guitarist Lars Diers, bassist Christian Balder and drummer Magnus Søderberg provide the pulsating sonic backdrop. Their sound is a true melting pot of great influences like ZZ Top, Motörhead and blues fathers like Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson and Willie Dixon.

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English description he Devils er en københavnsk kvartet, som har præsteret debutalbummet Electrified blues - no bullshit - Og det sidste nye album Going to the church. Det er lørdag og man kan reservere en plads ved at skrive til E-mail adressen THE DEVILS er blues med fundament i København. Inspirationen kommer fra den Amerikanske revival gruppe, The Red Devils, The Fabulous Thunderbirds og SRV. The Red Devils var en fremragende eksponent for efterfølgeren til Chicago Blues i 60'erne. THE DEVILS holder denne stil levende. ....Møgbeskidt, måske, men bestemt spillet med masser af disciplin. Det er nogle tight arrangementer, de lægger for dagen – uden tøven eller svinkeærinder... ....Det' up-tempo susen af ​​sange fra deres eksempler som Lazy Lester, Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson og Willie Dixon gør dette til et livligt album, hvor man kan forestille sig, at det er en fest live....

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