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The Bluesanovas (Tyskland)

The Bluesanovas

Kl. 22.00 / entré 120,-

Det er fredag og der er party Blues fra Tyskland p programmet - det koster 120,- og man kan reservere plads til kl. 20.30 ved at skrive til mailadressen

The Bluesanovas
When talking about blues "made in Germany", you can actually only mean the Bluesanovas. In recent years, the band has achieved the status of an absolute live insider tip and has been able to convince fans and critics alike of their retro style. Their good reputation preceded the three-time "German Blues Award" winners, and so it is hardly surprising that none other than Eric Clapton invited the five musicians
from Mnster as a support act for his 2022 tour of Germany. With the two albums they have released so far and one EP - which they recorded and produced in the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis - the five-piece can draw on all the resources on the big stages of the republic and prove what blues "made in Germany" is capable of:
Music that immediately goes over the ear into the leg.