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Gang Wolf Lightning (Spanien)

Gang Wolf Lightning

Kl. 21.30 / fri entré

Here's a red hot, live wire new artist!
Gang Wolf Lightnin'" is the boy who is proving a sensation as a blues singer, weeping howlingly vocals, dark, dank, snappy poor.
Gang Wolf never felt more blue in his life, roamin and ramblin' round the country. Seems to be happy if you give him his guitar and a good smoke, a musician that'll make you laugh, make you cry and drive those blues away.

”Gang Wolf Lightnin’ is one of few contemporary voices that really mirrors pre-war blues, the way it use to be sung and played.

Tradition is respectfully carried on and nourished, all in one movement. It's sincere, well crafted and uncompromized. His expression of blues music seems to have grown into a rare hybrid. Like a vine growing off his body, altering the human anatomy and which only thrives with the ones who know it. Blues all up in your food, blues all up in your shoes, blues which eventually makes you walk and talk in a certain way, and sit as if he always had a guitar on his lap. His expression entertains, makes one giggle and sometimes weep for life's bittersweet absurdities.

He most definitely spent his days living and learning the songs he plays, which provides depth and undoubted beauty to his music. To me, he seems to embrace whatever is up ahead. A blues that describes the paradox ventures of existence without necessarily trying to control it.”
Måna Rezaijoff Skalleberg