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Louise Brüel og Bob Friedzema

Louise Brüel og Bob Friedzema 

Kl. 20.00 / entré 140,- FORSALG

Indtil vi kan åbne for fuld skrue, har vi besluttet at afholde en række intimkoncerter, som naturligvis imødekommer de officielle krav til afstand etc. Vi har købt håndsprit i spandevis og hyret de bedste musikere, deriblandt Louise Brüel & Bob Fridzema. Entré 140 kr. - send Mail til

Louise Brüel & Bob Fridzema - Southern soul on rock with the roll.
On vocal Louise Brüel, and on hammond organ and keys; the great Bob Fridzema from Holland, who had just been on tour with Joanne Shaw Taylor, right before the whole world was shut down by the Corona-virus. He has also been on tour with Sari Schorr, John Mayall, Stefan Schill Band, Dana Fuchs, Eric Steckel, King King, Aynsley Lister, and a lot more. He has played at Wembley in the UK, and in the U.S.A, Europe, Afghanistan, Japan, The Caribbean, plus he has played at a lot of festivals.

Last time Louise Brüel Band played at MOJO, Bob Fridzema was in the band and it was a great pleasure. Louise and Bob first met and played together with 'Jay Boe and the Southern Cross Live Band' which played at the 'New Orleans Festival' in Pumpehuset in 2019.

Louises vocal has its roots deep down in the old school soul & 'rock with the ROLL', and her MOJO-story goes way back, and even back to when the venue was called 'Rådhuskroen'. Back then she played with Troels Jensen in a blues-duo, and as a guest-solist with Sam Mitchell, and Bo Wilson Band. Later on she has played with her own band 'Louise Brüel Band' with several constalation of great musicians.. Louise has always had a deep passion for southern soul, and a desire to keep the great songs alive. Louise has played professionelly since 1990 and has played with many different artists from the whole blues/rock/soul/funk-scene. Besides playing in Denmark, Louise has played concerts in Germany, Russia. Sweden, and Norway and she has featured as a soloartist at the 'B.B. Kings blues club' in L.A i the USA. Furthermore Louise has been the opening act at a Jeff Healey concert

This evening Louise Brüel and Bob Fridzema will dig deep into the roots of the southern soul musics great songs from the 70´ies – an evening with love and interpretations AND whole lotta hammond organ!'

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