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Little Geneva (UK)

Little Geneva (UK)

Kl. 22.00 / entré 100,-

Denne særlige lørdag den 9. november får Mojo besøg af Engelske Little Geneva - med kæmpestor kærlighed til den engelske Bluesscene fra 60'erne og en sound som selv de største "britpop-bands" ville være misundelige på - spiller Little Geneva blues på den fede måde.
Det lyder simpelthen bare pisse godt -

The Bristol-based band, Little Geneva, formed on the eve before 2019, brought together by a shared love
and appreciation of the British blues boom of the mid-1960s.
Little Geneva was born out of a conversation between the Doherty brothers, Dave and Chris. Having been
stalwarts of the U.K. contemporary blues scene for over a decade, they decided to get back on stage
together, as part of a genuinely exciting live band - and here they are - Little Geneva


Rags Russell, 32, (vocals/harmonica) fronts the youthfully energetic band with his highly emotive and soulful vocal style. The rhythm section brings together Zak Ranyard, 27, (bass guitar) and Simon Small, 33, (drums). Zak and Simon deliver a high level of energy and power that drives shows to spell-binding heights. Chris, 32, and Dave Doherty, 36, are both very gifted guitarists, who know how to listen, as well as, play their instruments.