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The Chris O'Leary Band (USA)

The Chris O'Leary Band (USA)

Kl. 22.00 / entré 120,-

De her drenge/musikere er vilde med Mojo - Nu er det 3 gang Amerikanske Chris O'Leary og hans møgfede orkester besøger Mojo. - det er den fede blues - tight levende og festligt som kun amerikanere kan gøre det.

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Every so often you’re lucky enough to see a band and realize that everything is just right. The right personalities, the right arrangements, the right instruments, the right attitude… everything just comes together perfectly. “Tight” doesn’t describe it. Bands that rehearse and work hard and can stop and start on a dime are tight. Bands that know each other like the back of their hands are something special. - Review by Eric Gleason.


CHRIS O'LEARY- Lead singer, harp PETE KANARAS- guitar MATT RAYMOND- Bass JASON DEVLIN- drums