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Nick Jameson & Beggi Smari Band (USA/ISL)

Nick Jameson & Beggi Smari Band

Kl. 22.00 / entré 90,-

Her har vi at gøre med et utroligt spændende internationalt samarbejde. Islandske Begge Smari har besøgt Mojo tidligere og denne gang har han en sjælden amerikansk kapacitet med. Nick Jameson er amerikansk alt-mulig-kunstner fra skuespiller til producer til sanger og sangskriver.
Sammen har de fundet en musikalsk magi som giver deres interesse for den rockede blues en særlig kant.

Bestil bord i god tid - vi tror der bliver fyldt.

Nick Jameson, a former member and producer of the band Foghat, has worked with an intriguing smorgasbord of artists, including such notables as Paul Butterfield, Bonnie Raitt, Richie Havens, Todd Rundgren and The Hooters. He is a prolific film and television actor, known for portraying President Yuri Suvarov on 24 and Richard Malkin on LOST among many others, and has voiced hundreds of animated shows and video games. As a comedian, he has performed throughout the United States and Iceland, and has been a regular performer at The Comedy Store LA, and the combination of his song improv and Beggi Smári’s wicked wit make for a unique blend of blues and humor. Nick currently lives in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Icelandic vocalist/guitarist Beggi Smari's album Mood got 4 stars in Danish media( ) and was praised by sound engineering legend Bob Katz as "Most personal and real blues album I have mastered". Beggi has been active in the Icelandic music scene as well as playing in Scandinavia, England and USA, arriving recently from Austin, Texas where he worked with local musicians. He has been chosen to play and tour in Iceland as an opening act for legends ranging from Kelly Joe Phelps to Guthrie Govan.

Jameson & Smari met through music 2 years ago and have played festivals as well as hosting the main Blues Jam downtown Reykjavik weekly ever since.


Nick Jameson (vocals/electric guitar) Beggi Smari (vocals/electric guitar) Stefan Sigurdsson (bass) Asmundur Johannsson (drums)