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Al Holbrook (USA)

Al Holbrook  (USA)

Kl. 19.00 / entré 50,-

Denne aften kan der kun reserveres plads hvis man kan være her senest 18.15
En helaftensbillet koster 100,-

En forrygende amerikansk artist indtager scenen denne sidste fredag aften under jazzfestivalen.

Born in Dayton Ohio and raised on funk, jazz and classical styles; Al Holbrook has truly found his voice as an artist over the years. He has perfected his raspy, steeped in bourbon, poured from a folk singers teakettle, brand of Gritty Sexy Blues&Soul that is intoxicating and dirty.

Al is currently a Resident Artist at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar, Nashville, TN (2013 to present), and has made stops in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Seattle along the way (2016 to present).

Mr. Holbrook played with DeRobert and the Half Truths (2014 to present); opening for Gary Clark Jr. and the Foo Fighters at Austin City Limits (2015), and performed with the D Ryan Band (2011 to present); for a crowd of over 8,000 at a World Ventures event in Las Vegas (2011). He was also featured as the Blues Man in the Steven Tyler "Love is Your Name" video (2015).

He has played with Royal Southern Brotherhood artist Bart Walker and electrified crowds in Fat Cats Lounge while aboard the Norwegian Epic (2013). More recently, he was a key member of the B.B. King’s All Star Band on Holland America’s ms Amsterdam - the band being ranked number one in the fleet for the full duration (2016).

Previously Al worked as the Music Director for Unity of Murfreesboro - directed, led and facilitated all music (covers and originals) for music services and programming (2013-2014) and Music Director for Agape Global Heart - directed choir and music programming.

A few additional events and performances include: University of Dayton ARTstreet One World Music Festival (2014); Assistant Music Director and cast member for Ohio based contemporary dance company SMAG's production of SMAGmere (2012); The Miami Valley Music Fest, Ohio (2012); and opened for 50 Cent’s G-Unit as a Hip Hop act (2007).

The Al Holbrook Band will make you wanna wallow in the rain and mud until your shirt is torn, jeans stained, and your shoes say you've been somewhere; leaving you thankful for the party and jovial good times. The band merges elements of improv into each set; making every performance unique, engaging and entertaining.


Sahra da Silva Soul Quartet

Alain Apaloo Trio er aflyst pga sygdom.

Sahra da Silva Soul Quartet

Alain Apaloo Trio er aflyst pga sygdom.

Kl. 22.00 / entré 80,-

Sahra da Silva har i sidste øjeblik samlet et hold til en forrygende soul aften. Det bliver svedige fortolkninger og lækre originaler fra start til slut.

Alain Apaloo er desværre blevet syg


Alain Apaloo (guitar/vokal), Maciej Szymczynski (b) og Zoltan Csörsz (d)