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Texas Cannonballs feat. Dave Herrero (USA)

Texas Cannonballs feat. Dave Herrero

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En søndag med storrockende blues.
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19.00 Texas Canonballs feat. Dave Herrero
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DAVE HERRERO Guitar and Vocals
If you happen to be looking for Dave, its not difficult. He's playing either at Buddy Guys club,
or somewhere in Austin. He is a Rock n Roller, a Bluesman…but he adds tremendous soul to the both.
His guitar, his voice bleed with talent and i repeat…SOUL. He loves what he does,
and man, he does it well. He has played a lot with Felix Reyes, Gary Clark Jr, Nick Curran.
Now, he is one of the Texas Cannonballs.

HECTOR WATT - Guitar and vocals
I got to know and meet him when I watched him on Tour with S.R.V´s idol, UP Wilson.
We have been best friends since. Then he was with Keith Ferguson (bass for the Fabulous Thunderbirds) in The Solid Senders, a Rock'n'roll Austin Band. He went from there to be Lou Ann Barton guitar player, Uncle John Turner Band, TXTKO with Hunt Sales and Preston Hubbard.
At the moment he is one Texas Cannonball.
HECTOR WATT - Guitar and vocals-US
Hector is an Austin original cutting his teeth with the best of them in Austin. Heplayed with UPWilson, Keith Ferguson (bass

for theFabulous Thunderbirds) in TheSolid Senders, a Rock'n'rollAustin Band Hector Started. He went from there to be Lou Ann Barton's guitarplayer, Uncle John Turner Band, TXTKO with Hunt Sales and Preston Hubbard.

PIERRE PELLEGRIN - Bass guitar and vocals-FR from Austin TX

Pierre Pellegrin was originally from Paris. At a young age he was already heavily in to Blues. So he took the obvious decision, go there and get it at the roots. Automatically , Austin was his choice. He fell in to the hands of no other than Keith Ferguson. No better hands than Keith. He played and toured with Dick Dale. Already a huge education. He then was on 6th st with Guy Forsyth. Toured for years with Uncle John Turner, Hector Watt, the great Nick Curran, Shawn Pittman, Gary Clark Jr. Hés in the groove, real Texas style !!!!

Originally from Arizona,johnny Benoit took theobvious decision to take themove to Austin to learn histrade. That he did. He was shown the " Texas Shuffle" bythe Legend drummer Uncle John Turner.From there he worked all over the AustinRock n'Blues circuit playing drums for the finest in town.
Long tours of the U.S followed with two well known guitarists, Guy Forsyth, and Chris Duarte.
Johnny Benoit can be seen in the Award Winning Film "Crazy Heart" starring JeffBridges... And JB.




Jarno Varsted

Jarno Varsted

Kl. 21.30 / fri entré

Jarno Varsted har kastet sig ud i soloartistens frihed og begrænsning.
Efter mange års aktiv tjeneste i mange sammenhænge bla. Young Comets, Hp Lange & the Delta Connection og duoprojektet Straight from the harp - har han denne aften taget det hele med i en unik solopose - rystet den godt og gjort klar til en Mojo aften helt alene.