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Tom Freund (usa)

Tom Freund (usa)

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It’s in the seemingly effortless ease with which he delivers his conversational lyrics and mellifluous melodies, this natural magic that is at the heart of Tom Freund’s music. Though he’s well-schooled and widely-traveled in a variety of genres — from hearftelt folk to buoyant pop to boho jazz to straightforward rock ’n’ roll, and beyond — Freund ultimately comes across simply as a singer-songwriter with his own singularly distinctive and engaging voice.

Over the course of his career, Tom Freund has created a wide variety of albums.

His first was a collaboration with Ben Harper and his last was a double disc live album.

In between, he’s made full lengths, EPs, a children’s CD and a Christmas album — but he’s never made an album like 2 Moons.